Mass Effect Does Mo-Cap

Mass Effect 4 is well into production as Bioware shows shot of a motion capture session.

Ken Thain, cinematic director for Bioware teased this shot from a motion capture studio in a recent tweet.


At last year’s E3, Bioware released a short ‘making of’ trailer showing ideas that are coming together for the next installment in their intergalactic RPG franchise as well as concepts behind a new IP. If you didn’t catch the teaser, check it out.

The video above might not be too revealing, but Bioware has since revealed a few interesting points. Firstly, after choosing red, green or blue in Mass Effect 3, Commander Shepherd won’t be returning as the protagonist in the next game. It hasn’t yet been confirmed, however, if the next installment will take place before, during or after the events of the Shepherd trilogy. Somewhat recently, it has been revealed that Bioware plans on having some sort of online component to the title, though as of right now it isn’t being discussed.

With motion capture well underway, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to hear more from Bioware at E3 in June.


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