Cortana Phrases Added to Xbox One’s ‘Voice Studio’

The new update to the app seems to be an indication that the Windows equivalent of Siri is heading to Xbox One soon.

Named after the trusty AI in Microsoft’s goliath Halo franchise, Cortana was designed to help Windows phones compete with Apple’s Siri companion on iPhones. While it hasn’t exactly succeeded at increasing the Windows foothold in mobile phones, the device companion has been a heavily requested feature on Microsoft’s Xbox One platform. It seems that demand has been heard by the Xbox team, and gamers might soon have their TVs talking back to them for the first time.

Halo's Master Chief with his loyal AI companion Cortana
Halo’s Master Chief with his loyal AI companion Cortana

Last year, the ‘Voice Studio’ application was launched on Xbox One as a opt-in voice recorder that aimed to strengthen voice recognition granted through Kinect. The addition of Cortana was first noted by an Redditor who stumbled upon the phrases when he was trying to improve the Kinect’s recognition of Scottish accents.

Earlier this week, head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, tweeted that the Xbox preview program would “get interesting the next few months.” He went on to note that feedback from preview members would be needed to perfect whatever is coming in the near future.

Was Spencer alluding to the addition of Cortana to the One, or are there more surprises coming soon to Xbox gamers? As is tradition, next month’s Xbox update features should be revealed in the next week or so for preview members to test out, so expect answers soon!


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