The Future of ‘Alan Wake’

In a tell-all with Polygon, Same Lake shed some light on the future of Remedy’s darkest series

When it launched in 2010 after several delays, Alan Wake was well-received by critics and it took video game storytelling to the next level. While all of Remedy’s titles push boundaries on what games should be, Sam Lake, the creative director at Remedy Games, said he still feels there is area left to explore and develop in the Wake universe.

Yesterday, in a piece with Polygon, it was revealed that developer Remedy Games had plans to create a sequel to Alan Wake right after they shipped the original, but it ended up on the shelf because the time and resources weren’t there. To avoid a totally loss, however, the studio took the assets to create a smaller indie title called ‘Alan Wake: American Nightmare‘ in 2012. Earlier this year, it was revealed that both titles cumulatively reached the 2 million sales benchmark.

Promotional art for 'American Nightmare'
Promotional art for American Nightmare

Currently, the developers are polishing up their next game, Quantum Break, a brand new IP heading to Xbox One in 2016. Luckily for fans of Wake, Sam Lake, creative director of Remedy Games, said that the future of the series isn’t doomed. In fact, Lake openly said that he wants “to do more Alan Wake at some point.” Whether that means it will happen right after Quantum launches is still unclear.

A piece of concept art Remedy shared with Polygon's Brian Crecente.
A piece of concept art Remedy shared with Polygon’s Brian Crecente.

Later in the piece, Lake reveals that there is currently talk with Microsoft to do a remastered release of Alan Wake before the launch of Quantum Break. This wasn’t the first time the idea of a Wake remaster have been thrown around, though. A few months back, Microsoft actually surveyed gamers to test the interest in porting the game over to Xbox One as a pre-order incentive for Quantum Break. With Lake and Microsoft both feeling comfortable enough discussing the possibility of the game coming to Xbox One, it seems that there is a real chance for a port in the next year.

Screenshot of Remedy's upcoming Quantum Break
Screenshot of Remedy’s upcoming Quantum Break

While the original ideas for Alan Wake 2 have been put on hold for awhile, Lake told Polygon that a sequel to the game is a real possibility for the studio after Quantum hits shelves in early 2016. As far as continuing a partnership with Microsoft for a Wake sequel, Lake wasn’t as clear cut.

“We are discussing the possibility of an Alan Wake sequel with multiple partners, but nothing has been decided… Only time will tell.”

While Quantum Break isn’t set to come out for another year, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear more about Remedy’s other projects in the coming months.


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