The Sidekicks Arrive In Latest ‘Arkham Knight’ Trailer

A new trailer for Arkham Knight is here, and it has a lot less Bat than you’re used to

Leaking several hours before it was scheduled to release, this brand new trailer focuses heavily on Batman’s comic book companions. Check it out!

Although they made brief appear chances in 2011’s Arkham City, it seems that Nightwing, Catwoman and Robin will all be playing a more integral role in the conclusion of the Arkham trilogy. According to a report from VG247, Arkham Knight will feature a new combat mechanic called ‘dual-mode’ which will allow the player to swap between the caped crusader and his allies during combat. This doesn’t seem to be a co-op experience, but it isn’t quite like Grand Theft Auto V‘s character swap, either.

Batman Arkham Knight launches June 23rd on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

*Keep an eye my Twitter feed in case there’s an update on ‘dual-mode’ mechanics*


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