‘Just Cause 3’ Has An Explosive Debut Trailer

A first look trailer released by developer Avalanche Studios shows off more of the same – and that’s a good thing!

After it’s Game Informer reveal last December, the first gameplay reveal trailer shows us just how great protagonist Rico Rodriguez is at causing chaos! Check it out!

As seen in the trailer, Avalanche Studios is taking full advantage of next-gen hardware bringing an unprecedented amount of beauty (and glorious explosions) to the world of Just Cause. Although the trailer mostly shows off what the series is already known for, it looks as though the scale of destruction has been increased quite a bit. Vehicles crumble on impact, statues of communist dictators are crumbled and entire communication towers are ripped to shreds by Rico’s signature stunts. Gamers who haven’t played the series might think more of the same is a knock against the newest trailer, but believe me, a next-gen chaos sandbox is just what next-gen needed.


While there isn’t a concrete date yet, Avalanche Studios says gamers can get their hands on their newest revolution simulator this holiday on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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