‘Banjo Kazooie’ Spiritual Successor to Hit KickStarter

Ex-Rare developers team up for ‘Yooka Laylee’ – a platformer that aims right for your nostalgic sweet spot

A promotional video for the KickStarter campaign has just been released! Making it all the more impressive, the video represents only three months of work on the title! Check out IGN’s exclusive video!

As you can see, Platonic Games is keeping the same classic Banjo Kazooie platforming. The lovely green lizard, Yooka, has the ability to use his tongue to swing around the playspace, and Laylee, the red-nosed bat, can boost jumps and use a ‘sonar blast’ attack.

An close up on Platonic's protagonists courtesy of IGN
An close up on Platonic’s protagonists courtesy of IGN

According to Platonic, Yooka Laylee aims to launch on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U. They made a point of saying, however, that the platforms might not launch at the same time depending on how funding goes.

If you want to relive 3D platforming’s glory days, Yooka Laylee launches on KickStarter tomorrow! For just $15, you can help fund the project and secure a free copy of the game when it launches!


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