Your Questioned Answered – ‘Witcher 3’ Dev Tells All

Senior game designer, Damien Monnier, answers popular community questions about The Wild Hunt 

Recently, CD Projekt Red, the team behind The Wild Hunt, interviewed their very own game designer to share some last minute details before the game launches later this month. After some background on Monnier’s role as the lead game designer, the interview quickly dives into the nitty-gritty details that make Projekt Red’s latest RPG tick. I’ve highlighted some of the most interesting details below, but if you’re a big Witcher fan like me, you’ll want to read the full interview!

  • The best armor and gear are craftables. You must complete quests and defeat powerful enemies to obtain various pieces that make up an armor set.
  • The game will feature legendary armor sets
  • Weapons and armor can be modified with various elemental powers such as fire and ice
  • There are both one and two handed weapons
  • There are no crossbow finishers
  • The higher the difficulty, the less XP is granted to the player
  • It seems the game has it’s own fantasy ecosystem – Once one monster kills another monster, more creatures may be drawn to the blood
Protagonist Geralt of Rivia stares down a pesky Griffin
Protagonist Geralt of Rivia stares down a pesky Griffin

As we approach the launch of Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt keep an eye on the Bear Claw feed


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