Brazil Spills Beans On Upcoming Remasters

After being rated by Brazilian classification board, it seems some like more of last-gens greatests hits are coming to Xbox One and PC.

The two titles listed last night in Brazil are Xbox exclusive Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Bethesda’s published Dishonored Definitive Edition. Both titles have been floating around the video game rumor mill as of late, so it isn’t entirely surprising to see these games coming around this holiday.


Earlier this month, there was an apparent leak that confirmed a remastered Gears title coming fall of 2015. While it hasn’t been confirmed to be the case, it has been heavily believed that the remaster is only the first game and not the whole Gears trilogy.

Just last week, there was a rumor that developer Arkane Studios was in fact working on Dishonored 2, but it was not ready to be shown and would not be making an appearance at Bethesda’s debut show at this June’s E3 conference.


What’s your take on these remasters? What game is more deserving of the remaster treatment? Is the revamping of old games on next-gen hardware a fad that needs to die, or are you ready to dive back into games of yesteryear? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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