According To Leak, ‘Fallout 4’ Has A Cinematic Trailer

After a myriad of small leaks, skeptics of a Fallout 4 announcement at E3 may finally be silenced

As reported by Destructoid earlier today, it seems that a CGI trailer for Bethesda Studios’ unannounced Fallout 4 has been made. What’s more interesting, though, is who made the trailer. It was made by Mirada Studios, for those of you unfamiliar with the studio, they are directed by filmmaker and monster lover Guillermo del Toro best known for films like Pan’s Labyrinth. Perhaps fans of the post-apoctolypic RPG franchise will be receiving a monster-filled trailer later this summer.

Although it is mentioned in Polygon’s update on the leak, here’s an excerpt from Destructoid who has been asked to remove their story about the leak due to ‘broken NDA’.

‘We received an email from Mirada Studios demanding we pull this story. A representative cited inaccuracies, but also confirmed the story was breaking a non-disclosure agreement. As nobody at Destructoid signed an NDA, we’re assuming that confirms somebody else broke NDA. I wonder who might be in trouble.’

In the top listing note the development time from building the trailer
In the top listing, note the development time from building the trailer

While we won’t know until their press conference next month, everything seems to be pointing to an E3 reveal. Until then, only only one thing is certain – someone is going to be in some serious trouble for leaking this little tease early.

Are you ready for a new Fallout game? Do you think this is another elaborate hoax? Let me know!

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