Xbox One News Round-Up

As Bear Claw Gaming continues to go through remodeling and future planning, enjoy all the news you need to know about Xbox One this week.

New Releases

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

If you frequent the blog, you’ll know just how excited I am for this game. This massive RPG is available now on Xbox One. Still feeling hesitant on picking up the title because you haven’t played the previous games? Have no fear, developer CD Projekt Red have repeatedly insisted that prior experience in the Witcher Universe is not necessary to thoroughly enjoy the game. To help new players find comfort in the game’s world, I created this nifty article about key characters that gamers should be familiar with. Witcher 3 is one of the best reviewed RPGs in quiet some time and has even ousted 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s high metacritic score! If you love fantasy RPGs, you might want to snag The Wild Hunt.


Farming Simulator

On the opposite side of the gaming spectrum, simulator lovers can rejoice to finally have a title on next-gen consoles (No, Goat Simulator doesn’t count)! While the developer declined to share a review copy with Bear Claw Gaming (or send out copies to any other site), gamers can check out the game’s metacritic to see if the game is egg-celent or if it is utter crop! Sorry for the corny puns!


Spy Chameleon

This game is stealthily joining this week’s indie releases when it launches this Friday, May 22nd. The gameplay premise of Chameleon is to move from colored object to colored object in a room while avoiding detection from cameras, robots and other threats. Bear Claw Gaming is set to receive a review copy from developer Unfinished Pixel in the upcoming hours, so expect more opinion on the game sometime this week!


Badland: Game of the Year Edition

While it was originally meant for mobile devices, Badland is releasing on next-gen consoles this week. The game, while still arcade-y and fun in nature, also aims to tell a story of creatures that are negatively effected by environmental destruction. I’m excited to be reviewing this game for Bear Claw as I think more games should take on societal issues. Like Spy Chameleon, expect a review to be up very soon! You can pick up Badland later this month when it launches on the 29th.


Mega Coin Squad

Coin Squad slipped under my radar until recently! The game is meant to be an action platformer that is all about speed and precision. The game has a full campaign mode and even features local multiplayer. While not much more is known at the moment, Bear Claw Gaming has reached out to developer Big Pixel Studios to request a review copy! Mega Coin Squad launches tomorrow, May 20th, on Xbox One.


News Round Up


One of Xbox’s most popular free-to-play games has just gone into full open beta. Before this, the beta was typically only for Xbox One preview members or lucky code winners. If you like MOBAs or Greek Gods, try out the beta!

Plants v. Zombies: Garden Warfare

In a conference call last week, EA executives revealed that a brand new Garden Warfare-esque game would launch in the first part of 2016. On top of that exciting news, it was revealed via Twitter that the game would get a permanent price cut to $20 (or your local equivalent). As an early adopter of the game, the game has excellent retail value and is well-worth the modest $20 price tag! Pick this game up now!

Deals With Gold

As revealed last night on Major Nelson’s blog, this weeks deals are now live! Dragon Age: Inquisition, several Metal Gear titles, and Dragon Ball are among several solid offerings this week! See if anything catches your fancy!

Wrap Up

As I mentioned before, Bear Claw Gaming is currently undergoing some site remodeling. I am also working on building a studio that would be more conducive to a video review format if the demand is there. I would love to hear your thoughts on the blog’s look and if you have an interest in seeing more video content! Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!



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