‘Arkham Knight’ Gets Brand New Live-Action Trailer

The newest Batman trailer is all about self-empowerment and standing up for the little guy – and it’s pretty cool.

Now that we’re almost exactly one month away from the launch of the Arkham franchise, developer Rocksteady has unveiled a live-action trailer that aims to make players feel like there’s a Dark Knight inside all of us. Check it out!

While the trailer definitely embodies the ‘Be The Batman’ slogan the game has been tied to, I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching a commercial for a sports drink instead of a video game trailer. Regardless, it still felt like yet another solid trailer to keep hype levels high before launch.

What disappointed me about the trailer was the complete absence of new gameplay footage. The live-action stuff was neat and aimed to be immersive, but the gameplay shown at the tail-end of the video felt like either more of the same or outright cut and paste of previously shown clips. Spoiler heavy video game trailers a big promotional sin, for sure, but there’s only so many times I can watch the Bat smash a car.

Even if it wasn’t the best live-action video we’ve seen in recent history, I still think this trailer did a good job both immersing players in a world and also pushing the idea that the slogan is more than just a slogan. Perhaps what makes Batman one of the most approachable super heroes is the fact that he is one of us. He doesn’t have powers, he doesn’t have a supernatural origins story, he just has a large amount of wealth. Batman represents the form of justice we all wish we had the means to serve. To avoid furthering a rant, Rocksteady has just absolutely nailed the whole relatable Batman vibe with this trailer. It’s good stuff.

Batman Arkham Knight is the finale game in the Arkham Trilogy and it launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One June 23rd.

Bonus Content

Did you see the ungodly cost of Arkham Knight‘s season pass? It’s insane!


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