‘Halo ODST’ And ‘Remnant’ Map To Be Released Soon

After a botched launch last November, ‘Master Chief Collection’ early adopters will receive 5th Halo title and map free of charge.

In a community update last night, developer 343 Industries offered a bit more insight to the additional content coming to the Master Chief Collection in the next few weeks.

Right off the bat, 343 notes that once the update goes live, the Halo 2 ‘Relic’ map remake, ‘Remnant,’ will be added to the Big Team Battle and Anniversary playlist. In order to make sure everyone gets a fair amount of time to play the map, it is also noted that Remnant will be added with additional weight so it shows up in matchmaking more frequently.

A work in progress screenshot of the 'ODST' remaster
A work in progress screenshot of the ‘ODST’ remaster

While Remnant and ODST still don’t have concrete launch dates, 343 says that the team is working on locking down a final date now. Once the date is confirmed, the team will release the new achievements and other last minute details.

On the slightly less interesting side, 343 also noted that another multiplayer playlist update would be available soon after ODST and Remnant launch. The newest playlist update will add fan favorite ‘Team Doubles’ into the line up. The developer also promises to add more objective based multiplayer modes as well.

Lastly, the long awaited ‘coming soon’ next to mode rankings should be going away rather soon. Halo 1-4 playlists, ‘Team Hardcore’ and ‘Team Doubles’ will all receiving ranking shortly after the playlist update goes live.


If you’d like to read the full blog update courtesy of 343 themselves, here it is.

Are you ready to jump back into the Master Chief Collection? Or are you still feeling burned after the abysmal launch? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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