Big ‘Battlefield 4’ Update Coming Tuesday

18 months after launch, another hefty update comes to the goliath first-person shooter franchise

Starting this Tuesday, gamers who are still logging hours into Battlefield 4 can download a brand new content update. Although the final community-made map won’t be ready for awhile, there’s still a pretty great offering in this patch. Not only is fan favorite mode ‘Gun Master’ making a return from Battlefield 4, but gamers can also count on a handful (of several handfuls) of new weapons to choose from.

For those who are unfamiliar with the new game mode, ‘Gun Master’ works like this: every player starts with the same weapon in a free-for-all mode. Each time you get a kill, the weapon you used changes. The first person to get kills will all 20-25 weapons (it varies from game to game) has won the round. It’s not all about kills, though. If you find yourself getting stabbed from behind, upon respawn you will be knocked back one weapon in the cycle. Watch your back!


While developer DICE hasn’t announced the names of the new weapons, they’ve announced that they are also fan favorite gear from previous titles. Check out the hints at what guns to expect:

  • New fan favorite Assault Rifle – Picked based on its unique burst gameplay and massive fan desirability
  • New Carbine – A unique bullpup carbine with built-in vertical grip
  • New PDW – A unique PDW with built-in silencer
  • New Sidearm – Unique long range “sniper” sidearm using magnum rounds
  • New LMG – Magazine fed LMG, which handles somewhere between a belt-fed LMG and an assault rifle

Until the update goes live early Tuesday morning, fans of the series will have to guess what weapons will be added. I’m hoping for some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 weapons, personally!

For an update on the final weapon additions, keep an eye on my Twitter feed! Are you still willing to put some hours into the Battlefield franchise, or are you feeling a little burnt out at his point? Feel free to let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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