New Xbox One Controller Images Leak

Although many regard Xbox to have some of the best controllers around, it seems one of the biggest flaws with the Xbox One controller is about to be fixed permanently.

After yesterday’s leaked description of a brand new Xbox One controller with a built in headphone jack, an image confirming the rumors surfaced this morning. Check it out!


The fine print is hard to read on the right side of the box, but it does note that the controller now features a 3.5mm input that will allow gamers to plug headphones in directly without the beefy attachment. As you may have also noted, this is the first time we have seen one of the ‘Forces’ branded controllers in this shade, and it does look quite sleek. The PS4 controller might not have the ergonomics I and many others prefer, but one of the smartest decisions they made when designing it was the direct headset input. They might be a little late to the game, but it’s good to see Xbox making improvements to their design.

Awhile back, it was rumored that Xbox was interested in developing a ‘hardcore‘ controller that made competitive play a little easier. While the first leaked image (below) only makes mention of the 3.5mm jack, maybe there is more to the redesign than the image depicts that will be revealed later on. Perhaps the idea of a hardcore controller was scrapped in its entirety. With a leak like this happening this close to E3, I’m sure we’ll get the full specs of the new controller layout in a few weeks at Microsoft’s conference.

The original leak and some spec details
The original leak and some spec details

What do you think of the new controller? Is the simplicity of headset plug and play worth sacrificing the sound balancing options given by the adapter? Share your thoughts with me on Twitter!


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