‘Halo ODST’ Remaster Hits Xbox One At Last

After a botched launch in November, early Master Chief Collection adopters get new maps

Finally, Halo ODST is at Xbox gamer’s fingertips. Those who played Collection before December 19th, 2014 should receive a message on their console from Xbox Live with a free access code. Be sure to activate it as soon as possible as they do expire at the end of June! If you skipped out on the MCC at launch because of rampant glitches and bugs, there’s no need to fret, Halo ODST is available for purchase for the incredibly modest $4.99 price point.

As a quick note, once you’ve downloaded the ODST update, be sure to look under Halo 3‘s campaign tab to find the new remaster. For whatever reason, 343 opted to tuck it in with 3 instead of giving it a new tab.

Classic 'Relic' map's remastered version
Classic ‘Relic’ map’s remastered version

In addition to the remastered campaign, multiplayer fans also have something to celebrate! A remastered version of Halo 2’s ‘Relic‘ map has been remastered and dubbed ‘Remnant.’ The new map is available in both Big Team Battle and Halo 2 Anniversary playlists, and will be included with additional weight to ensure that all players get a chance to play the new map frequently. It’s yet another gorgeous map courtesy of Certain Affinity.

On top of the new content, 343i has done some fixed some other issues with the title. If you wish to see the full report of what’s new in the patch, head on over to 343i’s blog!


Are you ready to jump back into the Halo universe? Which will you be playing first – the remastered campaign or the new multiplayer content? Feel free to let me know on Twitter!


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