Uncharted (Most Likely) Getting Remaster Treatment

After rumors earlier this Spring, it seems that PS4 gamers can expect to play the whole series all on one console

Late last night, PlayStation gamers who browsed the mobile store stumbled upon the below banner advertising for a Uncharted Collection. While the link was not yet activated, shortly after the spotting, Uncharted creative director, Neil Druckmann, tweeted this – essentially confirming the leak.

The banner that appear last night in the PlayStation Store
The banner that appear last night in the PlayStation Store

Now, while the banner made no indication for the platform it aims to release on, it only makes sense that the bundle would debut on PS4. After all, why bundle three games together for a rerelease on the console they launched on when you could buy each individually and spend less than $20 total?

In April, there was a listing from a Swedish site that claimed the collection would be coming to PS4 in September, but many felt skeptical after it was discovered that the site was displaying a fan-made box art instead of something original. Despite that hang up, with Druckmann’s tweet confirming the listing, it seems safe to say we’re mere hours away from a big announcement right before E3!

As a quick note, I really think that it was a big missed opportunity to not call this ‘The Master Thief Collection’ as a friendly play on Xbox’s Master Chief Collection. In fact, the remaster’s title is sort of odd – the reason the Halo bundle was given its title was because it was including all the games that were relevant to Master Chief’s storyline (minus the recently released ODST DLC). Every major Uncharted title has featured Nathan Drake, so why make his name so crucial to the bundle’s name? Regardless, I’m still excited to play the collection on my PS4 this fall!

What do you think of an Uncharted Collection? Are you willing to dive back into the franchise before A Thief’s End, or are you sick of remasters? Feel free to let me know on Twitter!


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