Forza Motorsport 6 Info Leaks

As we draw closer to E3, it seems the leak train is showing no signs of slowing down

According to the Japanese Xbox site, the latest title in the Forza series aims to offer quite a bit of content – lets get into it!

Right off the bat, the page promises full 1080p resolution, but it oddly notes that the game runs at 50 frames per second. Seeing as this is a translated piece, it is unsure if this is simply a misquoted translation or if the title will truly settle un such an unusual framerate. Despite the site being the official Xbox Japan site, there are a handful of misspellings here and there that lead me to believe this is in fact a misunderstanding.


Building on that, it is also noted that the game will feature night racing and a full-fledged diverse weather system – features that were all missing from Forza 5. The physics and “Drivatar” system will be returning as well, and the game promises “simulation speeds.”

The site also boasts “the most cars of any racing game this generation” with a total of 450 cars at launch. The vehicles will all feature accurate cockpit designs and will be customizable to the player’s liking. In addition to the massive car roster, the game will also feature 26 levels like Rio and Dayton tracks.


Lastly the page notes that the game will feature two player split screen as well as 24 player online racing. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have any indication of a release date besides 2015 – though I’m sure we’ll get a concrete date at the Microsoft conference on the 15th of this month.

Are you excited for Forza 6? Is there enough in this offering to make you replace Forza 5? How do you feel about the Forza franchise becoming annual? Feel free to let me know on Twitter!



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