Oculus Rift and Xbox Annouce Partnership

At their pre-E3 press event, Oculus Rift announced an exclusive partnership with Xbox

Earlier this morning in San Fransisco, it was revealed that the Oculus would be fully compatible with the Xbox One using Windows 10. What does that mean for Xbox gamers? Well lets get into it!

Unlike Oculus on PC, it seems that streaming your Xbox One games to the device won’t make the games you play quite as immersive. Instead of of replacing the right stick with the player’s head movement, the screen will simply be projected to a simulated television set inside the headset. What gamers can expect to see when they stream their Xbox One to the Oculus is essentially a simulated living room with an artificial television where they will see their game. While it is easy to mock using a headset to simulate a living room while playing video games in your living room, there are a few practical applications to keep in mind:

  • If you’re forced to play your games in a large room, the Rift will allow you to feel front and center of your gaming experience
  • If a family member is using the television to watch TV or movies, you’ll be able to stream your game to the Oculus without disrupting their entertainment
  • People living in tight areas like dorm rooms or small apartments can now feel like they’re gaming in a spacious environment
  • If you live alone, this could effectively remove any need for a full television set

Here’s a tiny portion of the presentation that shows off the Xbox to Oculus streaming. I find it a little bit redundant to create an artificial living room, but I’ll let you decide what to think of it!

While I do find this a bit silly, it is important to keep in mind that this is simply a demo showing off the streaming and headset tech, so things could change a bit before open release later next year. In addition to announcing the partnership, Oculus revealed that every headset sold would come with an Xbox One controller to go along with it.

What to you make of the Xbox and Oculus partnership? Is this something you could see yourself using, or would you rather play games the old fashioned way on the couch? Feel free to let me know on Twitter!


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