EA Access Adding New Game During E3

In a couple of days, Xbox owners who subscribe to Access will have one more game in the EA Vault

Announced this morning through Twitter, it seems EA is willing to drop a few bombs prior to any E3 presentations. With an already sizable vault filled with most of the available EA titles, there is only a small pool of games we can expect access to.

Note Dragon Age and Hardline toward the center left
Note Dragon Age and Hardline toward the center left

Because the Vault is already chock-full of EA titles, the only games we can really expect to be added are the engaging Dragon Age: Inquisition and the less-than-stellar Battlefield: Hardline. Because it’s quite a bit older than Hardline, I would say it’s a pretty safe bet to assume gamers will be getting Inquisition on Monday, but hey, crazier things have happened. It has been noted that while not doing terribly, Hardline is doing considerably worse than Battlefield 4 did sales-wise. In fact, in the Xbox Store, Battlefield 4 remains in the top ten most played games while Hardline is nowhere to be found. Perhaps EA is looking to boost the Xbox One player count?

The more likely candidate for the Vault on Monday
Inquisition is the most likely candidate for the Vault on Monday

Regardless of which title EA is adding, anything is a welcome addition to the already beefy 11 game line-up that is currently available. I’ve said it before, but if you own an Xbox One, you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal than EA Access.

We may not know what game to expect next week, but one thing is certain: it’s a great time to be a gamer!

Bonus Level:

While it is far less likely than Inquisition or Hardline, it isn’t entirely out of the question that EA could release a beta for an upcoming release to Access subscribers. Just last year, EA and Sony revealed a beta for Hardline that could be downloaded the day of the conference, so a repeat of that tactic is definitely a possibility. I’m dreaming for a Battlefront beta next week, though I know that’s quite the long shot.

With E3 nearly upon us, we’re only days away from even more awesome surprises. Stay tuned to Bear Claw Gaming and follow me on Twitter to keep up with all things E3!


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