Possible Morse Code in Xbox Daily

There may just be a hint in the latest E3 trailer from XboxThanks to great detective work from a team of Reddit users, a series of dashes and dots have been found in this week’s ‘Xbox @ E3’ promotional trailer. Here’s a snapshot!

Note the green dashes and dots
Note the green dashes and dots

While this could simply be a graphic outro not meant to say anything, a morse code translation does give some interesting results. When run through the code, the dashes and dots read: ‘NEE3DSAI.’ This could certainly prove to just we a jumble of letters, but if you look a little closer, it does contain all the letters to make up ‘E3 NEEDS AI.’ Contextualize that text with the recent expansion of the Windows companion AI ‘Cortana.’ This isn’t the first instance of Xbox hinting at Cortana integration to the Xbox One platform either, check out this article from a few months ago!

On Windows phones, Cortana acts as a competitor to Apple’s Siri

In addition to this hint, it was noted that GameSpot would have hands-on preview of new Xbox One UI next week during an E3 livestream. That might not necessarily mean Cortana – after all, Xbox to Windows 10 streaming has been in development for quite awhile. Still, doing a video piece previewing game streaming isn’t exactly the sexiest thing for a major gaming site to cover during the biggest week of the year for video games. With less than 48 hours until the Microsoft press conference, we’ll know soon enough if the Windows companion is finally arriving on Xbox One.

What do you make of this hint from Xbox? Do you think it’s simply a graphic or does it hint at something bigger? Feel free to share your thoughts with me on Twitter!


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