Best Of: Bethesda Conference

Although most of us watched the show to salivate over Fallout 4, here’s a round-up of everything good at Bethesda’s conference debut

The event kicked off by featuring gruesome gameplay from one of the original first-person shooters: DOOM. Now running on the gorgeous id Tech 6 engine, gratuitous violence has never looked so good. Check out some gameplay from the event:

While DOOM was undeniably gorgeous, extreme violence isn’t for everyone. Luckily, Bethesda later showed a trailer for Dishonored 2 and revealed you could go through the game without killing a single person. On top of that, they also announced that the player could either be Corvo (the original game’s protagonist) or Emily (a key character to the original’s story). Didn’t play the original? No worries, Bethesda also announced they’re rereleasing Dishonored in a remastered format this fall on Xbox One and PS4. Check out the Dishonored 2 reveal trailer!

Before we get to the big Fallout 4 coverage, lets first talk about Fallout Shelter! Shelter is a free mobile game that launched on the Apple App Store last night during the Bethesda conference. In this title, the player takes on the role of the Overseer for the first time. From here, you can totally customize, defend and expand your vault to accommodate everyone’s needs. During the announcement, they made a point of noting the game doesn’t feature any microtransactions and is only launching on the Apple App Store for now. Later, Bethesda did clarify that the game would eventually make its way to Android devices. Check out Fallout Shelter’s announcement trailer right here!

Now onto the main event: Fallout 4. Although it was debuted last during the presentation, Bethesda showed off a ton of great stuff in a handful of reveal videos. Oh, and the best part  of the announcement: Fallout 4 launches November 10th of this year. Lets break down the various segments of the game’s big debut.

First up is a big gameplay section from the beginning of the game:

Then, Todd Howard went on to show a brand new feature in the Fallout universe: build able structures and settlements. Check out this amazing first look at the feature:

To *build* on the idea of customization and crafting, Bethesda then went on to show off just how in-depth their weapon and armor customization is in Fallout 4 in this gameplay snippet:

Lastly, Bethesda showed a little bit more combat in a montage featuring the protagonist and his dog! Check it out! Warning: the song is incredibly catchy.

And that does it for the Bethesda edition of Bear Claw’s ‘E3 Best Of’ series. Of course, some of the show didn’t get the cut, but if you want to catch the whole show in its entirety, head on over to Bethesda’s YouTube channel! Stick with Bear Claw Gaming all week to stay caught up with everything happening at E3.

What do you think of Bethesda’s debut performance? Is Fallout 4 everything you had hoped for and more? Feel free to let me know on Twitter!


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