Phantom Pain Debuts Lengthy E3 Demo

The massive (and controversial) world of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain shows off impressive levels of detail.

Earlier today, Konami showed just how in-depth Kojima’s final Metal Gear Solid game is! Check it out!

The demo kicks off with Snake on his mobile base with the hyper sexualized female companion, Quiet. While Kojima has adamantly defended the scantily dressed character, I can’t help put feel a little uncomfortable with her attire. The fact that the developer has repeatedly defended a Quiet action figure that literally has squeezable breasts only exacerbates my belief that this character is only dressed to for the player’s “enjoyment.” Despite the tasteless character design, the demo brilliantly displayed complicated and diverse combat variations that are at the players disposal and is checking out.

The tasteless character model for 'Quiet'
The tasteless character model for ‘Quiet’

By time Snake deployed in Soviet occupied Afghanistan, it’s clear just how powerful the Fox Engine is. Landscapes are incredibly well lit and detailed and the world map looks is impressively large. Recently, it was revealed that people and objects in the game world can be airlifted via balloons that will add to base resources, and that feature is highlighted quite a bit during demo.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the demo was the use of ‘D-Dog,’ Snake’s pet dog that can replace Quiet in combat. The dog sniffs out items of interest while also helping as a distraction during combat. It was really neat to see just how diverse and useful the various companions are in Phantom Pain.

Snake and D-Dog on the move
Snake and D-Dog on the move

One of the best executed mechanics of the latest Metal Gear title is just how open each engagement is with enemies. Stealth or guns-blazing options exist, but even the way those options have tons of variability. Weapons, tools of locomotion and ally usage all allow the player to go into each combat situation there way.

While the demo showed more of the same, each time I see The Phantom Pain, I can’t help but be in awe of just how massive the scale of this title is. With a little more than two months until launch, I’ve never been more excited for a Metal Gear game.

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain launches on PS4 and Xbox One September 1st and will launch two weeks later of PC.


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