Arkham Knight’s Batgirl expansion developed by ‘Arkham Origins’ team

Starting July 14th, a Batgirl expansion is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but is it troubling who developed it?

As many gamers are wrapping up the Arkham Knight story, the thirst for more time in Gotham is at an all time high. Thankfully publisher Warner Bros. won’t leave you waiting for long as the first expansion pack, Batgirl, is coming to Xbox One and PS4 on the 14th of July. Interestingly enough, it has been noted that the new area, side quests and story have all been crafted and delivered by WB Montreal, the studio behind the somewhat lackluster Arkham Origins.

A first glimpse at Batgirl

When it launched in October of 2013, Batman Arkham Origins was largely received with lukewarm reviews by critics. Many felt that the game didn’t innovate enough from previous iterations and found the game to be tedious despite having a rather strong story component. Bigger than that, though, the game launched riddled with bugs and glitches and outright crashes on both PC and Xbox 360. In fact, it wasn’t until February of 2014 until publisher WB noted that the team would be focusing on new DLC and would consider fixing “game breaking bugs” later if ever. This decision by both the publisher and the Montreal studio added insult to injury for many gamers. Not only did many feel cheated on buying a bugged game that in some cases couldn’t be beaten, but now the developer decided to dedicate their time and efforts on additions to the game that would make them more money instead of cater to loyal customers’ needs.

An outright frustrating Origins glitch
An outright frustrating Origins glitch

So what does this mean about their work on Arkham Knight? Perhaps nothing; they may have learned their lessen and matured as a studio. After all, the expansion was probably done some time ago based on how closely it is launching to the main game. Maybe this allowed the team to spend some time fixing glitches and bugs before release. Additionally, it has been noted that the DLC would only cost $6.99 or free for players who bought the $40 expansion pass. With a low cost of admission, this isn’t a huge risk for many consumers. Still, consider waiting for reviews or at least impressions on the DLC before rewarding this somewhat untrustworthy developer.

Batman Arkham Knight‘s Batgirl expansion pack is coming July 14th to season pass holders and July 21st to the general public.

What do you think about the Batgirl expansion pass? Are you confident that it will meet the high standards set by Arkham Knight? Do you think any concerns about WB Montreal are legitimate? Feel free to let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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