‘Payday 2’ Developers Neglect Console Players (Again)

Overkill Software puts a second knife in the back of console gamers with their next-gen Payday 2 port.

UPDATE: 9/24/2015 – On a Payday 2’s official subreddit, the developers apologize for their mismanagement of the console version of the game. Additionally, they vow to totally redo all matchmaking on Xbox One to fix a myriad of online issues. While it’s nice to get an update from Overkill, you may want to wait for an update before purchasing the game on Xbox.

Original Story

When it was ported to Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2013, many console gamers had high hopes for Payday 2. PC players hailed the title for its addictive co-op gameplay and its free and frequent content drops from the developers. Unfortunately, though, the game came out with many flaws that made online play difficult, and the developers outright ignored the console port of the game while continuously patching PC version.

As you might expect, after spending $60 dollars on the game, console players felt hurt by the developer neglecting them. What better way to voice frustration than by contacting the developers on Twitter.  Melanie Schneider, a level designer for the game, had a very clear message as to how much the team cared for fixing console players’ game when she tweeted this to a consumer:

Sorry for the poor screen grab, the actual tweet has since been deleted
Sorry for the poor screen grab, the actual tweet has since been deleted

Despite this clear disdain for console players, many thought that perhaps with the closer-to-PC builds on new consoles, the game would function much better.

And boy, were they wrong. With porting the game three times prior to this release on next-gen, it would seem Overkill is still entirely incompetent and/or neglectful of half of their fanbase. In fact, the release on Xbox One is so botched that many have had a difficult time even playing the game with their friends. On top of that, it took three weeks from launch to get the first update out on the One (which still hasn’t fixed the broken matchmaking). As is rather common in the gaming industry, one fan asked the if they could see the patch notes to which the official Payday 2 twitter replied “Fix broken Sh!t!”. Contrast that with Battlefield developers DICE’s expansive patch notes.


While we don’t know when or if Payday 2 will ever be fully functional on consoles as it is on PC, it’s safe to say console gamers would be wise to avoid supporting Overkill until they prove a worthy developer. There’s an unfortunate irony in a game about crooks making off with fistfuls of cash when in reality the developers are doing just that.

What do you think of Payday 2? Has your experience been different than what’s been reported? Feel free to let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


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