Activision Abuses Remaster Craze With Prototype Rerelease

The Prototype series has come to next-gen, but don’t be fooled: this is no remaster!

Publisher Activision has rereleased the first two Prototype games on Xbox One and PS4. Unlike other developers, though, the games appear to run nearly identical to their last-gen debut. The resolution is the only improvement and the framerate seems to actually be worse on Xbox One meaning Activision essentially ported their game without making any (obvious) improvements or even optimizations. If you’d like to see just how poorly the game runs, check out this article by The Games Cabin.

What makes this move even stranger is that Activision never announced that they would be rereleasing the game on next-generation consoles in the first place. Now that  the games are out in the wild, it seems obvious that the reason they kept quiet was to avoid acknowledging the fact that the games look abysmal on next-gen even on remaster standards.

You can play this on your next-gen console... for $50
You can play this on your next-gen console… for $50

Now take into account the recently announced backwards compatibility on Xbox One. It can be assumed that this rerelease is happening in lieu of a free backwards compatibility update for Microsoft’s platform. To exacerbate that decision, Activision have the gull to ask next-gen gamers to pay $50 for games that came out three and six years ago without much touch-up to game performance.


With a huge fall for gamers on the horizon, you’d be wise to skip out on this insulting bundle and save for something much more worthy of your hard earned cash.


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