Amazon Prime Day Officially Kicks-Off

Although it’s off to a slow start, you’ll want to be ready for all the deals that Amazon could throw your way today!

To celebrate 20 years of service, Amazon is boasting sales they have described as “bigger than Black Friday.” While that seems a little too generous based on what they’ve offered so far, there are some good deals popping up on their site periodically for gamers to take advantage of.

Check out the the current offerings and things coming in the next hour!

If there’s nothing there that tickles your fancy, don’t feel too disappointed, it seems that Amazon is also doing mini flash sales of limited quantities every once in awhile. A great deal this morning that has already passed was the Anniversary Edition of MLB: The Show ’15 for a killer $30 (normal retail price of $70)!


Separate from Amazon, Walmart has also pledged to have sales today and should offer price matching in-store to deals on Amazon. Things have been pretty quiet on their site this morning, but feel free to check their video game page periodically to see if they have anything worth picking up!

If you see any great deals from either Amazon or Walmart, feel free to leave a link in the comments or share it with me on Twitter so others can share the in the savings! Happy hunting, gamers!


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