Xbox One Getting More Backward Compatible Games Soon

According to photos from NeoGAF, Xbox One preview members can expect at least four more games very soon

In a thread of mostly speculative titles, someone found links on the Xbox Live servers to a few 360 games that have Xbox One pin designs. Check the Mirror’s Edge one out!

Mirror Edge

While some of those look a little Photoshopped, eventually photos revealing what they look like on the console surfaced, and they’re much more believable. Unfortunately, it has been noted that the only accessible BC games are Worms 2, Mirror’s Edge, Shadow Complex and Geometry Wars 2, but hopefully more will be added soon. Here are photos of two of the four games on an Xbox One. For all four images, head over to imgur.

a8VyPGP HxS7ttt

Besides Mirror’s Edge, it seems a little odd that Microsoft would have gamers vote on their favorite games to get the BC treatment if they were just going to port somewhat random, albeit decent, games.

What do you think of this latest batch of games that will hopefully be available in the next few days? Are you hoping there are more coming this July, or is this enough to hold you over? Feel free to share your thoughts with me on Twitter!


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