‘Gears of War Ultimate Edition’ Deluxe Version Spotted

A Norwegian retailer might have just let slip a big surprise for Xbox gamers.

Update – 7/23/15: Microsoft & The Coalition have confirmed that the ‘Deluxe Version’ of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition features 35 weapon skins and Unarmored Marcus and Aaron Griffin characters for Multiplayer. If you’d like to see if the $60 deluxe version is right for you, check out all the goodies on the Xbox Marketplace. For the original story, read on.

Earlier today, a Norwegian retailer known as CDON made an online listing for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Deluxe Version. In case the site takes down the link prior to you reading this, here are a few screen grabs.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 7.48.44 PM

In the description for the listing, CDON notes the Deluxe Version comes with the following:

Includes base game and bonus items, Deluxe Weapon Skin Pack, Aaron Griffin character and pre-order bonus Adam Fenix character for use in multiplayer matches.

Now, according to Google, 533.75 kr is the equivalent of $65.30 US dollars. Contrast that with the site’s listing for the standard Gears: UE that retails at 355.75 kr (or $43.52 US) and we get the idea that Microsoft and The Coalition might be preparing to launch a $60 version along with the $40 version announced back at E3. Surely they’re not selling a version for $20 more that only features a couple weapon and character skins, so just what does the vague ‘bonus items’ listing mean?

Bear Claw Speculates

This is where things get interesting. It’s been previously noted by Microsoft that Gears: UE will come with all Gears 1 DLC maps and even the previously PC-exclusive campaign act in the base $40 bundle. So what justifies the extra cost besides a few skins? My guess or, more accurately, hope is that Microsoft and Coalition will be remastering Gears 2 & 3 prior to Gears of War 4 next holiday season. The reason I would venture this guess is because of the setup Microsoft had for E3 and Gamescom this year. E3 was predominantly about what Xbox gamers can play in 2015 while it’s widely known that Gamescom (coming up on August 4th) would be about what they can play in 2016. Microsoft has already noted that Crackdown, Quantum Break, Scalebound and Recore (all slated for release next year) would be making appearances at Gamescom, so there might be room to announce that they’re working on the rest of the Gears franchise for release in early to mid 2016.

On the slightly less exciting (and much more realistic) side of things, the extra $20 could give gamers Gears 2 & 3 to be played via the recently announced backwards compatibility feature on Xbox One. Still, it would seem odd to sell a $20 extra version that features the original Gears 2 & 3 right after giving Gears 3 away for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers this July. Regardless of what the $60 version has in store, I’m sure we’ll know exactly what’s in the Deluxe Edition by Gamescom this August.


What do you think of the Gears of War: UE Deluxe Edition? Do you think it’s simply a bonus version with skins, or are Xbox gamers in for a big surprise at E3? Feel free to let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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