Don’t Trust “Leaked” ‘Games With Gold’ Ads

Xbox head Phil Spencer was quick to squash any rumors about next month’s Gold offerings.

Yesterday, the photo below began circling the web claiming to be the official Games With Gold titles for August. Once Phil Spencer caught wind of the leak, he quickly took to Twitter to point out that the promo was a fake. Even before Spencer addressed it, things seemed pretty suspicious. The second Xbox One title, Slash Dash, was just released last week, so it would be a huge slap in the face to consumers for Microsoft to turn around not two weeks later and give it away for free. Even for the sometimes tone-deaf Xbox marketing team, that would quite the stunt to pull.

1437433430782In addition to the above photo, this one has been making the rounds as well. Just like the first, it has since been shut down by Spencer to be yet another fake. I probably sound like a cynic for saying this, but I knew this one had to be a Photoshop job because Games With Gold has never had this solid of an offering. It was all too good to be true, unfortunately!


Until the official announcement is made by Microsoft next week, it would be wise to take all supposed leaks with a massive spoonful of salt.

What guesses do you have about August’s game offerings? Will it be a strong offering, or are Xbox One gamers in for another disappointing month? Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments or on Twitter!


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