New Xbox One UI Details Emerge

Thanks to an update to the Xbox website, Bear Claw Gaming has some fresh intel on what you can expect from the new Xbox One experience coming later this fall.

Now that Windows 10 is mere days from its PC release, Microsoft has moved their focus to launching the new operating system on Xbox One. To help boost interest in what Xbox gamers can expect, they’ve even released a short teaser video showing off the new and improved features. Check it out!

While you can read the rather extensive full list of improvements at the official Xbox site, here’s a few highlights:

  • Faster Performance
  • Vertical Scrolling that reduces multi-layer navigation
  • Full Cortana voice integration via Kinect sensor
    • You can now say, “Cortana invite Mike to a party” and your console will send out a party invitation
  • Avatars are making a return and are modernized
  • New game hub features that allow developers to communicate with consumers directly
  • A constantly updating “trending” hub that shows what videos, games and events other Xbox One owners are enjoying
  • A brand new Xbox Guide that replaces snap that looks somewhat reminiscent of the original Xbox 360 UI


What are you first impressions of the Xbox One Windows 10 update? Are you excited to see more and experience it first-hand, or are you bummed to leave the current UI behind? Feel free to share your thoughts with me on Twitter!


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