Everything You Need To Know About ‘Crackdown 3’

Xbox One’s ambitious open-world crime-fighter just debuted a gameplay trailer at Gamescom, but what do we really know about it?

First things first, in case you’ve somehow missed one of the coolest trailers of the Xbox briefing, check out the debut Crackdown 3 gameplay trailer!

Now, while many people regard 2007’s Crackdown as the best free game they got with a $60 Halo 3 beta code, the franchise has since gone onto adopt quite the cult following. Many were disappointed with the direction of the sequel, but the third installment aims to right the sequel’s wrongs while also being the biggest, most ambitious title in the 2016 Xbox line-up. Here’s everything we know so far about Crackdown 3:

  • Singleplayer and multiplayer worlds are separate.
  • The singleplayer world can be played offline, so the game doesn’t require an always-on internet connection.
    • Although the game will be offline, there will still be world destruction in singleplayer though it will not be persistent. This is to ensure story progression is not stopped due to the player crushing the entire city.
  • The multiplayer world is where the gameplay demo we’ve seen came from.
    • Destruction will be toned down substantially in singleplayer, and it won’t depend on cloud-based destruction.
  • The game requires 2-4 Mb/s internet for its cloud-powered multiplayer portion.
  • When I asked John Noonan, the Senior Producer of Crackdown 3, if the server-based multiplayer world could be played by a single person without any other players in the lobby, he had this to say:
  • The game aims to launch sometime in mid-to-late 2016 with a beta being held early next year.

Without a doubt, Crackdown 3 has the most extensive and impressive destruction of any game currently out there. As long as nothing goes wrong before its launch next year, it seems like Microsoft and developer Reagent Games might have something truly unique here.

What do you think of Crackdown 3? Did it steal the show, or do you think something else in the 2016 line-up looks even better? Feel free to let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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