Gears of War Gets Nostalgic With “Mad World” Throwback Trailer

The trailer that introduced many to Gears of War nearly a decade ago has been reimagined just in time for the Ultimate Edition.

With a little over a week until launch, Gears developer The Coalition has reimagined the iconic ‘Mad World’ trailer from 2006 to really kick in some nostalgia. Although it isn’t a shot-for-shot remastering of the classic ad, Mad World re-geared manages to hit all the right notes. Check it out!

Contrast the action packed reimagining with the slow and somber original:

Both ads are great in their own right, but I can’t help but wish the 2015 rerelease was a cut-and-paste remaster of the original instead of being a montage of scenes from remaster trailers.

Earlier this month, it was announced that anyone who plays the Ultimate Edition prior to 2016 will gain access to every game in the franchise free of charge when the backwards compatibility program launches to the public in November.


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition launches on Xbox One August 25th in the US and August 28th in Europe. According to launch event details from The Coalition, anyone who plays the game within a week of launch will unlock Gold weapons for use in multiplayer.


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