GTA 5’s Next Update Brings ‘Rockstar Editor’ To Xbox One & PS4

The popular movie maker program in Grand Theft Auto 5’s PC port is coming to next-gen in the coming weeks.

When it was announced for PC earlier this year, GTA’s ‘Rockstar Editor’ seemed like a dream addition to an already content-rich game. Thankfully, Rockstar revealed that the mode wouldn’t always be exclusive to PC and would debut on current-gen consoles “when it was ready.” Apparently that wait is nearly over, and if the latest blog post is any indication, we should see the Editor coming to current-gen in the next patch. While no official date has been set for the update, Rockstar noted that the next Rockstar Editor contest will include current-gen console entries, so we shouldn’t have too much longer to wait.


Because GTA 5 on consoles doesn’t feature mods, the Editor will be somewhat less versatile to the PC counterpart. That being said, it’s great to see that the previously announced “exclusive” PC feature is making its way to current-gen systems at all. Unfortunately, the Editor won’t be making it to last-gen versions of GTA 5 because the older consoles “simply can’t handle more data” says Rockstar.

Check out the original announcement trailer for the mode below:


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