‘Borderlands’ Coming To Xbox One Preview Members Via Back Compat

Borderlands to be backward compatibility launch title in November, early access starts today for Xbox preview members.

After being shown in the original backwards compatibility announcement, Borderlands coming to the Xbox back compat program is far from a shocker. That being said, when Major Nelson announced said that preview members could play the game starting today, it felt like a long-awaited addition to the somewhat limited preview selection. The news is especially great considering the original game didn’t make the cut in the Handsome Jack Collection that launched earlier this year.


Somewhat disappointingly, Borderlands is the only new announcement from the backwards compatibility team. For the past few weeks, Phil Spencer has hinted at more games coming before ultimately delaying and going quiet about it. Perhaps more titles will be announced for the program soon.

In fact, earlier this week, developer Eidos Montreal hinted at their interest in bringing Deus Ex: Human Revolution to the backwards compatibility program when they tweeted:

The Xbox Preview Program’s backwards compatibility catalog is certainly growing slowly but surely before it goes public in November. Which game are you hoping joins the other twenty-something already available? Feel free to let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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