Goat Simulator Free On Xbox Today Only

In what appears to be a special promotion from Skittles, Xbox gamers can snag Goat Simulator today free-of-charge straight from the Xbox Marketplace.

Patience seems to be paying off for those who chose to wait on picking up Goat Simulator. Today, September 5th, Xbox gamers in the US can download the whacky simulator free on Xbox 360. If you’ve made the jump to next-gen, you can play a free, open trial for the remainder of the day. According to people who have played the Xbox One promotion, all 1000Gs of gamerscore are obtainable in the trial.

One of the more interesting parts of "Goat City Bay" level

Earlier this year, Bear Claw Gaming reviewed Goat Simulator¬†for Xbox One. While it might not have gotten the highest of scores, you’d be a fool to not try this game out while it’s free.

Note: You may have to sign-in to your Xbox Live Gold account and live in the United States to see the deals

If you’d like the free Xbox 360 game, click here.

If you’d like the Xbox One trial, click here.

Bonus Round

In case you missed it, Evolve is hosting a free weekend on Xbox One, so if you’ve yet to try that game out, labor day weekend might be the perfect time to do so.


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