Review Scores Coming To Bear Claw Gaming

As part of an ongoing growth and development, Bear Claw Gaming will continue to make adjustments to its practices. The latest of which is the introduction of a rating scale for reviews. While the new policy is not retroactive, you can expect to find a score along with a final verdict at the bottom of each review from here on out. Because there are minor differences between the new rating system and the ones used by other sites, please feel free to read the descriptions of each score below:


1/5: If a game earns a one out of five, the title suffers from substantial issues. If given this score, a game most likely has game-breaking bugs, a bad story or outright poor gameplay. A one claw score means I’m not comfortable under any circumstances recommending the game to others. This score is reserved for the worst of the worst, so don’t expect to see it often.


2/5: To earn a two out of five, a game probably has a decent core but suffers from flaws such as repetitive gameplay or a serious lack of content. When giving this score, Bear Claw Gaming recommends avoiding the title unless the complaints discussed in the review seem like non-issues to the reader.


3/5: In short, a three out of five means that a game, as a sum of all its parts, is a “fair” or “decent” experience that most gamers could find some enjoyment from. On average, a three out of five game will have some issues ranging from graphical hitches, general clunkiness or a lackluster story.


4/5: In order to earn a four out of five, a game must be an above average experience that Bear Claw Gaming highly recommends to readers. However, a four doesn’t mean the game is perfect. Extremely small blemishes on an otherwise shining game will merit this score.


5/5: In contrast with popular formulas, a five out of five from Bear Claw Gaming won’t mean that the game is perfect in every sense. Instead, a five means the game has elements in it that are so great that every gamer should find it fun and accessible. This score is reserved for titles that are the absolute pinnacle of what it means to be a fantastic game.

The addition of scores to game reviews is a direct response to their popularity around the web. As always, the final score of a game depends entirely on the subjective opinion of the reviewer. For that reason, Bear Claw Gaming welcomes disagreement and discussion about game scores so long as the conversation remains civil and constructive.


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