Xbox One Preview To Get Invite To New UI Tonight

Mike Ybarra, the Director of Program Management for Xbox, took to Twitter to dish out the latest Xbox preview news. First, he touched on when members could expect to get invites for the new UI:

Ybarra then went on to remind preview members that this content is still under development, and that the Xbox team is counting on constructive feedback to better craft the new UI. Like any beta, the primary focus is to make the Xbox UI fast, easy to use and bug-free, so if you get an invite, be sure to report any issues you find.

If you’re a little behind on any of the details of the new UI or how the Xbox team plans on releasing it to preview members, be sure to recap with this article. They’re rolling the update out in waves this time, so don’t be too disappointed if you aren’t immediately given the new UI after you accept the invite this evening.

If Ybarra or any one else from the Xbox team gives any other news regarding tonight’s invites, I’ll be sure to update you on Twitter!


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