‘Hitman’ Delayed

One of the biggest stealth games of the year has been bumped back to 2016, but IO Interactive says it’ll be worth the wait

Today, Square Enix and developer IO Interactive have announced that Hitman won’t be hitting it’s December 8th release, but will instead launch in March of 2016. IO said the choice was difficult, but the game will be all the better because of the delay.

When it was revealed, the newest Hitman title raised a lot of eye brows. Going for a brand-new release model, IO Interactive decided that they’d launch the game with some content and then release the rest later on in chunks. Many were critical of the model because it seemed like IO and Square Enix were trying to monetize content to the extreme. Luckily, those concerns were addressed when IO noted that the content would all come for free after the initial $60 price tag.

Back in August the developer said that the game would launch with seven levels, but it’s unclear if that number will increase because of this delay. Still, to make up for disappointing announcement, IO Interactive has release a graphic showing off the impressive scale of their Paris level. Check it out!


Are you still planning on picking up Hitman next year? Are you skeptical of the way they’re releasing content? Feel free to let me know in the comments or on Twitter!


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