‘Black Ops III’ Trailer Ramps Up Emotion (And Boy, Is It Cheesy)

Treyarch and Activision’s latest campaign trailer sure does take itself seriously.

After some all-together distasteful fake terrorist attack viral marketing yesterday, Activision released a brand new trailer for this November’s Call of Duty installment. While the trailer aims to pique gamer’s interest in this grim and violent future, it’s hard not to find humor in the game’s macho-man writing. See for yourself!

While I tend to find Treyarch’s campaigns to be the strongest in the Call of Duty franchise, I’m having a hard one finding anything here besides worn out clich├ęs.

On the other hand, I thought the Zombies mode trailer from earlier this year was the perfect tone for the almost self-parody Call of Duty mode.

Between Zombies, the campaign and standard multiplayer (on next-gen and PC only), what mode has you most excited for Black Ops III?

Call of Duty: Black Ops III launches on PS4, Xbox One, PC and last-gen consoles on November 6th, 2015


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