Xbox Live Comes Back Online; Spencer Addresses Fan’s Concerns

After Live crashes, Phil Spencer takes to Twitter to talk fixes and building consumer trust.

If you hoped on Xbox this evening and found the network to be down, you’re certainly not alone. Luckily after a few hours of down time, the service seems to slowly be coming back online.

If you’re still having a hard time connecting, be patient as Live does take awhile to come back across the board. It’s been noted that totally unplugging the console for thirty seconds before attempting to connect to Xbox Live helps. If that doesn’t work, be sure to check out the Xbox Live status page for more updates, but beware they’re a little behind.


Before Live came back online, Xbox boss Phil Spencer hopped on Twitter to talk with disappointed Xbox fans. First, speaking with Tom Warren, the Senior Editor at Verge, Spencer acknowledged that too many third party applications on Xbox depend on support from Xbox Live.

On top of that, Phil also made a point of saying the team loses support from the community when these outages happen. While we should appreciate the acknowledgement, it’s fair to be upset when our paid subscription crashes.

Building on a night of rough consumer relations, Spencer managed to plug an article about the new TellTale Minecraft game while his hardware platform was off. This led to some not-so-happy responses from gamers.

Do you think Xbox Live outages happen too often, or does this just come with the territory of online services? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter!


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