Battlefield Hardline To Get Free Night Maps

Following the path of Battlefield 4, Hardline will also be giving popular maps an after hours makeover.

It’s been revealed by EA and developer Visceral Games that a batch of free DLC is coming to gamers who are still sinking hours into Battlefield Hardline. The DLC, titled “Blackout,” will introduce two levels, Night woods and Night Job which are reworked and tweaked versions of the Back Woods and Bank Job levels introduced in vanilla Hardline when in launched in March.

A sneak peak at the 'Night Job' level
A sneak peak at the ‘Night Job’ level

Besides the maps, Blackout will also offer a new night vision gadget, the RO933 and a new Battle Rifle that are accessible to all classes and factions. Alongside the notable additions, players should find some new camos, music, patches and assignments.


For all the Hardline spectators out there, Visceral will also be implementing tweaks to the mode that should make watching cops and robbers just that much better. Alongside the spectator adjustments, Visceral noted that stability and bug fixes would also come along with the patch.

The release date for Battlefield Hardline’s free Blackout DLC has yet to be revealed, but it is coming “soon.


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