Star Wars Battlefront Launch Trailer

The final trailer for Star Wars Battlefront mixes cutscenes and gameplay to tap into gamer’s nostalgia.

Star Wars Battlefront is speeding onto next-gen consoles and PC on Nov. 17. As a last effort to build hype for the title, DICE and EA have stitched together gorgeous gameplay and classic one-liners for a launch trailer. Check it out!

This trailer is the first time gamers have seen the hallmark “Walker Assault” mode on Endor and Tatooine. Although the game is only launching with 12 levels from 4 planets, it seems there should be enough content to keep gamers entertained this holiday season. Additionally, two weeks after launch gamers will be getting two new free maps from Jakku, an important planet in the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

An imperial sharpshooter riding a speeder on what appears to be the planet Endor.

Earlier this month, DICE hosted an open beta for Battlefront where over 9 million players logged in to blast rebel scum. It was later revealed that the title would feature the same DLC model as the past few DICE games where expansions could be purchased as a lump some for $50. DICE also announced that the game won’t feature game chat, so if you wish to talk with others when you play, you’ll have to invite them to chat through your consoles party system or Skype.

Star Wars Battlefront launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC Nov. 17. Xbox One gamers who are subscribed to EA Access can enjoy Battlefront forĀ 6-10 hours starting on Nov. 12.


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