Xbox’s November ‘Games With Gold’ Revealed

After a few solid months, Xbox’s Games With Gold program falls back on lackluster offerings.

Xbox Live ‘Gold’ subscribers will be greeted with four free games in November. While two free games on both Xbox One and Xbox 360 has been the status quo for many months, November marks the first time gamers¬†will be able to download all four titles to their Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility. Check out what subscribers can play free-of-charge in November.

Xbox One

Starting November 1st “Pneuma: Breath of Life” will be available to download. The game is a first person puzzler that was given a resounding ‘meh’ from critics when it launched on Xbox One last February.

On the 16th, Xbox One owners can also pick up “Knight Squad.” Developer Chainsawesome Games describes the game as a Bomberman meets Gauntlet action title that allows 8 players to battle simultaneously. Because the game launched via early access last spring, there aren’t many reviews or impressions of the title.

Xbox 360

Also available on November 1st is “Dirt 3.” Although the series has been quiet as of late, the Dirt franchise was an off-road racer that dominated the mid-2000s. Hailed with respectable scores from critics when it launched in 2011, “Dirt 3” is a welcome addition to the Games With Gold program.

Along with “Knight Squad,” Xbox gamers can download “Dungeon Siege III” on the 16th of November. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment (the same team that made “Fallout: New Vegas”) this dungeon crawling game is the perfect co-op experience for people that want to kick back and stab monsters with their friends.

What do you think of this month’s Games With Gold offerings? Is there anything you’re the most excited for? Most disappointed by? Feel free to let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!


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