“Mirror’s Edge Catalyst” Delayed

DICE’s ambitious free-running title has been bumped back until late Spring 2016.

After an impressing showing over the summer, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has surprisingly been delayed until May 24 2016. In a note from Catalyst’s Senior Producer Sara Jansson, it was said that the DICE team will use the extra months to make the game as memorable as possible by filling the world with entertaining and immersive details.


Although the delay is shame, it is worth noting that DICE is also launching “Star Wars Battlefront” on Nov. 17 this year, so perhaps spacing out the titles will prevent any possibility of the games competing with each other. Besides, once the team who has worked on Battlefront wraps up their work later next month, there might be more force to back up Catalyst before it launches.

If Catalyst has slipped under your radar so far, or you just want to feel the sting of the delay, check out this awesome gameplay trailer from Gamescom

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst launches on Xbox One,  PS4 and PC May 24 2016.


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