‘Quantum Break’ News and ‘Alan Wake 2’ Confirmed

Game Informer held a speed interview with Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake as part of their December game coverage. While many of the questions were silly, there were some awesome tidbits about the upcoming Xbox exclusive Quantum Break and the future of Remedy Entertainment.

Right off the bat, the game’s TV show component(which Lake promises won’t be dumb) starring Game of Thrones’ Aidan Gillen will feature only four episodes. What happens in each of them will be influenced by the decisions made in-game by the player. Lake said he was pleased with the amount of money Remedy was given by Microsoft to produce the show and denied that the team would have been happy with extra production funds. Additionally, in a surprising reveal, dinosaurs will be making an appearance in Quantum Break, though Lake wouldn’t say if the player would interact with them.


Lake also made a surprise announcement that the cult-classic Alan Wake would be making a return in a sequel sometime in the future. Earlier this year, Polygon wrote a fantastic piece on Remedy Entertainment and the original Alan Wake sequel that was canceled years ago.

Based on the reception of the article, it seems the studio will be bringing the franchise back presumably after Break launches in spring 2016. In the Polygon piece, Lake said that the team has talked to Microsoft and other publishers about the Alan Wake franchise. Whether the sequel will remain an Xbox platform exclusive (Xbox and PC) or branch out and become fully multi-platform will obviously be revealed later down the line when the game is formally revealed.


It’s worth noting that Remedy Entertainment takes a long time to develop their games. Alan Wake was first announced at E3 in 2005 and didn’t hit store shelves until 2010. By time it ships in April 2016, gamers will be familiar with the Quantum Break name for nearly three years as it was announced at the Xbox One reveal back in 2013. So, despite Lake’s sudden announcement, don’t expect to play Wake to for half a decade or so.

If you want to watch the sometimes hilarious interview from Game Informer, be sure to hit up the video here.


What do yo think of the Quantum Break news? Will you be picking up the game in 2016? Do you want Alan Wake 2 to stay Microsoft exclusive, or are you hoping the game goes multi-platform? Feel free to let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!


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