“Witcher 3” dev hopes to launch new game in 2016

Developer CD Projekt Red’s next project is ditching fantasy for sci-fi with their upcoming RPG “Cyberpunk 2077.”

According to Gamereactor Germany (a close source to CD Projekt Red) the developer is much closer to releasing their next RPG than many were expecting.

Cyberpunk 2077 was originally unveiled in 2012 when the developers were hard at work with Witcher 3. Once the game hit shelves last May, Projekt Red CEO Adam Kicinski said the team is still hard at work on the Witcher 3’s DLC which is slated to launch sometime in “the first half of 2016.”


Based on that information, it’s fair to be a bit skeptical of the supposed launch window. The Witcher 3 went through a series of delays before it launched in late spring this year. Initially the game was slated for a late 2014 launch before being pushed back until February 2015. Then, just two months prior to launch, CDPR delayed the game a final time until May 2015.

With their next game, CDPR might be a little more conservative with when they announce a launch date to avoid disappointing push backs.


From the same article, Gamereactor confirms the game is coming to PC and will “more than likely come to console.” More interestingly, it alleges that Projekt Red may be in talks with Sony or Microsoft to make the game exclusive to one console and PC. Only time will tell if a deal is reached.

If you missed the original announcement trailer from 2012, be sure to catch up on it below. It feels incredibly reminiscent of Blade Runner/Robo Cop era sci-fi action flicks.

What do you think of the supposed release window? Do you think we’ll hear more from Projekt Red soon, or do you think it’ll be years before we learn more about Cyberpunk? Feel free to share your comments below or on Twitter!


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