“ARK: Survival Evolved” launches on Xbox One next week

The PC hit of the summer is finally launching through the Xbox One game preview program next week.

After a few teases this week, developer Studio Wildcard has revealed that ARK: Survival Evolved will launch on Xbox One on December 16th. Adding to the pleasant surprise, they even debuted a brand new trailer showing off ARK running on Xbox One. Check it out!

ARK: Survival Evolved first revealed that it would be coming to the Xbox One game preview program at last August’s Gamescom in Germany. For those who don’t know, game preview is the Xbox equivalent of Steam Early Access. Meaning the titles that release through their are still in active development. While players might run into bugs or glitches, it also allows them to interact with developers before the game officially launches.

Once it goes live on the 16th, all Xbox One gamers will be able to purchase the game. Although some titles haven’t followed the trend, most game preview titles released thus far have come with an discount for early adopters and some have even included a free trial.

Do you plan on picking up ARK on Xbox One? Feel Free to share your thoughts with me in the comments below or on Twitter!



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