Halo 5 gets big update with Forge, new maps, REQs and more

Halo 5’s second update kicks off the competitive season and brings with it new gear and maps.

After several teases over the past few weeks, the December update for Halo 5 Guardians is at long last available for download. The update is called Cartographer’s Gift and is just under 4GB in size. Here’s what’s inside:

All-new Forge. Making levels in Halo has never been this in-depth and easy to use. Check out this nifty glance at the mode here.


New Arena map titled “Overgrown.” Overgrown is yet another remix of other levels, but this one is easily the most lush in Halo 5 yet.


Two new Big Team Battle levels are also included: Entombed and Anti-freeze. Like the Big Team levels from last month, these were also made in Forge.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Coming with all the new maps are a slew of brand-new REQ packs players can earn. Check out the brutal new assassinations!



With the update comes new social playlists. Big Team Battle and a holiday playlist that features Snipers, Slayer, and more will among the first modes added to social.

To keep track of all the goodies included in the Cartographer’s Gift, check out this nifty infographic from 343i!


As part of an on-going commitment to the title, Cartographer’s Gift is only the second of six major free updates coming to Halo 5: Guardians through June of 2016.

Halo 5: Guardians and The Cartographer’s Gift are now available exclusively on Xbox One.


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