Bethesda to host another E3 presentation this June

RPG goliath Bethesda has revealed plans to host second E3 press conference in 2016.

In the spring of 2015, developer and publisher Bethesda announced they would host their very own E3 press conference. To gamers around the world, this was the first big sign that the Bethesda had something special up their sleeves. Just days prior to E3, Bethesda debuted a trailer for Fallout 4 and spent a massive chunk of their press conference explaining the various aspects of what made the game tick.


In 2016 alone, Bethesda is expected to continue content updates for Elder Scrolls Online, publish the DOOM reboot and continue (and hopefully launch) Dishonored 2. Because DOOM is set to launch sometime this spring (meaning prior to E3 2016), we’ll likely see Dishonored 2 take center stage at this year’s conference much like Fallout 4 did last year.

Expect Bethesda to drop a few bombs at E3 this year just like they did with Fallout Shelter last summer. That being said, keep your expectations in check — as much as I’d love Elder Scrolls 6 to be announced, it’s just not going to happen. Fingers cross for a Wolfenstein sequel for me.

Bethesda’s press conference will kick off E3 when it starts on June 12 at 7pm PT.


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