The Division to host open beta next week

Ubisoft announced this morning that another round of Division beta testing is on the way.

Next weekend, Ubisoft is hosting a second beta for their upcoming RPG shooter The Division. This time, the beta is open to anyone on Xbox One, PS4 and PC — no pre-order required. The beta is set to run from Feb. 18-21 on Xbox One and Feb. 19-21 on PC and PS4. Regardless of platform, Ubisoft has also announced that everyone will be able to pre-load the beta on Feb. 16 so players can jump into plagued New York the second servers go live.


Those who enjoyed the first beta but found activities a little sparse will be happy to hear that the open beta will feature a second story mission that wasn’t in closed beta. Additionally, anyone who participates in the open beta will unlock a special in-game reward in the final release version of the game when it launches in March.


Alongside the beta announcement, Ubisoft also released a new trailer detailing the various enemy factions you’ll encounter roaming the streets.

Tom Clancy’s The Division launches March 8 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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